परिचय : संस्थाको बारेमा संक्षिप्त जानकारी

welcome to chameli saccos .

It is the pioneer of the microfinance service providers of Nepal based on collateral free loan and women exclusive clients. It initiated Self-help Banking Program (SBP), a microfinance program. Since then it concentrated mainly on the capacity building of women . From the year 2013 it decided to shift its focus to the activities like providing training on various facets of microfinance and cooperatives based on their staff and clients need, conducting researches on microfinance related problems and issues.

CHAMELI has now reset its mission on strengthening the microfinance sector in Nepal, serving the sector as the apex level organization focusing specially on developing CHAMELI as the national level institute of microfinance and cooperative. It vows to work with microfinance and cooperative . It aims to provide high-quality, demand- driven, affordable training to the microfinance member to build up their capacities to serve the rural market.

Bharat sah

Chief executive officer

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